Being a Picasso

I’ve been working on trying to revive my creativity.  I’ve started an art journal, I’ve worked on a few collages, I’m illustrating a story my brother wroteLady Artist about his cat Kobe.  There’s always a moment when sharing what I’m working on  hearing comments like,  “I can’t do that  or I can’t draw a straight line.”  The excuses are endless.

I have nights when I can’t sleep.   I get up for a few hours because I don’t like to toss and turn in bed. Once up I’ll turn  on the TV, turn on my computer and most of the time play Candy Crush Saga or Scrabble.  Being in a creative mode the other morning, I went  to a website that I often used with students when I taught computer.  It’s simple called “picassohead.”

To refresh your memory, Pablo Picasso was famous for being a co-founder of Cubism which is a style of painting where objects of the painting subject were broken up and painted in an abstract form.Picasso

The Cat in the Hat, by A.C. G.The picassohead website gives you the opportunity to create your own abstract.  Go to and see what you create.  Check out the gallery to see what other artists have created. It’s artsy!

Be a Picasso!

One thought on “Being a Picasso

  1. creativity……reach down to your heart, place your hand around it, grab it, place it in front of you and let it speak to you………

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